Mold filpper and mold turning handling machine


Mold flipper manufacturer in CHINA.


The mold filpper machine includes:

  1. Turntable A-side;
  2. 2. mold flipper Structure;
  3. 3.Turn table B-side;
  4. 4.Turning wheel;
  5. 5.Hydraulic cylinder;
  6. 6.Shield;
  7. 7.Hydraulic system

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(Only for reference)

Since the Max.wight of your mold is 3T, and size 1.5mx 1.21mx 0.76m, the customized one with following size may be a better choice.

  1. The machine size: 4640L x 2000W x 450H
  2. The Max. Load: 10T

Please check the quotation attached for the mold filpper.


The machine offered for Max.Loading 30T with international brand hydraulic system that is easy available from USA too.