Automatic Aluminum profile packing line

As a manufacturer, we are able provide the packing solution for aluminum profile film covering >>>>sub-bundle stacking machine and banding>>>>>sub-bundle wrapping&tapping
>>>>big bundle stacking>>>>>>big bundle wrapping & strapping.
Following is the videos shows the different packing process.
  1. automatic aluminum profile film covering & cutting
  2. Automatic sub-bundle banding machine + wrapping+tapping :
 Note: In the video, the sub-bundle making is by manually that feeding by manually.
 If your aluminum profile shape is regular, the robot stacker may be avaiable for the automatic stacking.
 3. Automatic big bundle stacking machine:    the stacking machine after 4:50”
 5. For the strapping machine:    this is the strapping machine for big bundle for reference.
As to the layout, could you please provide the english version?