Hose wrapping machine


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Fhope hose packaging machine: suitable for hose coil and plastic pipe packaging, can save material and labor costs, and has the characteristics of high efficiency and convenience, especially for small and light coil coil coil design.

Dealing with the breakdown system of packaging automation equipment

With the use of packaging automation equipment, huge profits have been brought, but once the packaging automation equipment breaks down, it will cause great losses. How to reduce the losses, we need to do a good job in two stages of equipment failure management, which two stages, before and after the failure. Before the failure occurs, we should do a good job in monitoring and diagnosing the status of packaging automation equipment, grasp in advance whether the packaging automation equipment has deteriorated, find out whether the equipment has signs and hidden dangers of failure, control the occurrence of failure through preventive maintenance, so as to basically solve some foreseeable failures and improve production efficiency. If a series of After troubleshooting, there are faults again, which requires us to learn from the lessons, investigate the causes, master the rules, and strive to further eliminate the faults or improve the packaging automation equipment to avoid the occurrence of faults. In order to manage the failure of packaging automation equipment, it is necessary to analyze the cause and data of the failure, study the failure law and failure mechanism, so as to avoid the sudden failure and control and the failure caused by the increasing loss.

The procedure of packaging automation equipment fault management includes: summarizing the experience and lessons of frequent and typical faults, increasing the intensity of daily maintenance, inspection and pre repair.

First of all, strengthen the publicity and education, make the operators and maintenance workers master and abide by the rules and regulations, learn to operate, maintain, check, correctly use and carefully maintain the packaging automation equipment, and carefully record, count and analyze the failure of the packaging automation equipment. Through a certain period of training, the maintenance and operation workers can master certain electrical and hydraulic technical knowledge, and quickly find out the location and cause of the fault. In order to find out the location and cause of the fault quickly and to remove and repair the fault in time, the common fault phenomena, analysis steps and removal methods of the packaging automation equipment should also be compiled into a fault finding logic program chart, which is convenient, fast, labor-saving and has many advantages.