Copper coil winding packaging machine

FPC series is a machine type designed for packaging copper materials. It is mainly suitable for packaging copper wire, copper coil, cable coil, steel coil, etc. The advantages of this machine are 100% efficiency and perfect packaging appearance, saving labor cost and improving product competitiveness. Fhope is committed to developing innovative ways to improve every step of the packaging line: conveying, lifting, tilting, packaging and reducing defect rates.

At present, the world’s packaging machinery powers attach great importance to the market and user requirements, and improve the machine revolution and productivity as an important indicator of design. One of the main ways to improve productivity is to increase the speed, but it is a troublesome problem to increase the speed of the machine. The faster the speed is, the lower the cost of a single piece of production will be. The use area of the factory will also be increased, the failure rate will also be increased, and the efficiency will be reduced. Therefore, the best combination of the two should be found: the material, reliability, performance and Life span may also have a related impact. Generally speaking, increasing the speed by 15% – 20% will bring a series of complex problems. Besides, the motor speed is also limited, and it can’t be as fast as you want. In addition to increasing the speed, improving productivity can also be solved through other channels.

Packaging machinery enterprises pay more and more attention to the development of rapid, low-cost packaging equipment, the future development trend is small, flexible, multi-purpose, high efficiency equipment. This trend also saves time and reduces costs, so the packaging industry is pursuing a combination of simple and mobile packaging equipment. In the automation of packaging machinery, automatic operation procedures have been widely used.