The solution for wire coil strapping machine and compressing machine

automatic wire coiler and strapping machine-FPCL-W800Automatic wire coil compacting and strapping solution
The problem caused by following factors:
1. The size of the wire coil is not match the designing. According contract what we made is for Max.Height 650mm. But now the wire coil hight upto 700mm. While the wire high didn’t reach to 650mm, the hydraulic press dwon device will force to pressing the wire. By this way the press is too much that deforming the pressing device and the upper orbital fix on the pressing device is not able to connect to the down orbital properly.


Solution: Makes the wire coil 650mm


2. Customer’s PET belt bending is too much, not stright. The bending belt is very easy out of the orbital.

Solution: Chang the PET belt into the one with less bending and good springback.


3. For the strappig the wire hight upto700mm, the orbital was modified and add a flat sheet in commissioning. The flat sheet is without two side protection, so the belt is easy out of the orbital.


Solution: Extend the orbital 30mm more to make the upper orbital connects with with down orbital.

You can make by yourself, or we can provide it in cost.


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