thread tools

You will also be able to improve processing speed and versatility, since each header performs an inverted Angle and a thread operation. In addition, two operations using the same tool help reduce the tool stock you need.

Other thread tools are limited in thread size and/or maximum hole depth. Unlike standard thread grinding machine, the new head is a single original disk mill, it can take the whole hole depth interpolation, and through the pitch to make thread, so as to achieve greater depth can be achieved. The cutting action of the new head also minimizes the chip size and ensures a tape-free deep hole thread.

Smaller, weaker machine tools can now easily generate large threads because the new magnetic head only needs one point. Therefore, the head needs less mechanical force and torque.

Scope overview:

There are two types of carbide and steel shank

Internal cooling capacity

More than 31 different carbon coating heads

Applicable to all work piece materials

Head thread and diameter

– the metric range from 11.7 mm to 21.7 mm, partial profile from 1 mm to 6 mm (14 PCS)

– from 11.7 mm to 17.7 mm and 11, 14 and 19 tpi (g3/8-1) (7 PCS)

– UN at 17.7 mm, spacing 24 to 6 tpi(10 PCS)

Key benefits:

Can generate deeper and more accurate threads

High process stability and reliability

Increased versatility and reduced tool costs through interchangeability

Effective chip control

Mold system SECO news 2017.2

Seco allows you to connect your machines and tools with a full range of tools.

Our series of products include stable built-in vibration damping, high precision clamping chuck, wide selection of hydraulic jigs and work piece side types of all common types. The modular support of Seco is connected by grafting, combustion furnace, seco-capto and BA/GL. These products provide machine end connections for hsk-a-e-t, DIN, BT, ANSI, PSC (seco-capto) and cylinder.


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