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Given a large amount of material suitable for perforation and other variables, a specific grinding table for all situations is not feasible. Instead, the gunners must fully understand the geometry of the borehole, use the available table as the starting point, and then refine the specific Settings, working materials, and hole specifications.

Gundrill front edge Angle

The cutting edge Angle of the traditional gun drilling products family has determined the shape, size, finish and tool life of the chip, thus determining the efficiency of the cutter. Generally speaking, soft materials require a smaller Angle. Hard materials require larger angles. None of the two angles of all material is the best, but 30 ° / 20 ° Angle combination drill cut almost any work As a principle of conventional drill design, the edge of the inner corner must be extended from the center of the tool from 0.0005 to 0.032, depending on the diameter.

The Gun drill cooling hole configuration

The pressure and cooling hole size of the hole and coolant play an important role in the perforation performance. The higher the permeability, the more important the pressure and flow of the coolant, thus reducing the wear of the chip and improving the lubrication performance of the cutting edge.

The star su offers three styles of cooling holes and dual jet guns.

All muzzle can provide a single regular round cooling hole. Slender cooling holes are standard sizes. 0787 “through.3750”. If an extended cooling hole is not required, an ordinary round cooling hole must be specified in these areas.

In order to cut steel or not easy to process materials, it is recommended to use a good sulfide coolant. Coolant temperature should be kept below 120 ° f star Sue gundrills arrangement in a neck – 3 micro grain carbide, can also be arranged at the request of the carbide c – 2.

end mill for stainless steel

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