The milling cutter

Tools and cutter grinder closed

The milling cutter


High performance drill

Step drill

The form tool

Orthopedic surgical instruments

Large diameter hard alloy tool

Gear finishing

Gear adjustment capabilities include:


Shaper cutter


Conical milling cutter

Universal CNC cutter and cutter grinding machine

Cutting tool grinding machine

We also have a set of special universal CHNC grinding machines to reregulate or manufacture the following products:

Round broach

Traditional broach

Spiral broach

Flat broach

Aircraft engine broach tool

CNC spline grinding machine for parallel axis spline

Hob sharpening machine

Hob machine, star PHTG 1 hob grinder, is a kind of affordable solution for grinding and internal tool repair. The machine is equipped with a manual HGSK shaft which is suitable for repetitive work without installation change, especially in manufacturing and regrinding.

Straight, spiral Gash Hobs

Disc, handle and helical gear slotting cutter

A wide range of round tools

PHTG 1 designs the line and spiral gash hob as 8 “OD x 10” OAL. In addition, PHTG 1 shar pen disk, handle and spiral planer and a wide range of circular tools make it a multi-purpose tool room machine.

Precision cutting tool

A comprehensive cutting tool line from the star knife includes almost everything you need, including some patent solutions you will only find here.

Gear cutting tool

Gear cutting tool

Star manufacturers have a variety of drills and drillers, including stock and custom designed sizes, including:

Multi-diameter cavity processing tools

Solid carbide drill bit

Solid carbide core drill borer

Super round tool (SGRT)

Valve guide reamer

Hard alloy blank & pre-formed

Work with carbide to increase productivity and reduce costs. Our blank lines include:

The drill and reamer blank

Professional blank

Die & blush blank

Special aluminum profile

Round bar

Gundrill blank

Flat blank

Gear cutting tool

Star cutter provides a variety of gear cutting tools, including:

Gear hob cutting tool – gear milling

Involute roller mill

Involute spline milling cutter

Single & multi-threaded milling cutter

Worm wheel milling cutter

Camshaft hobbing cutter

Trough hob

Drill type and handle design

Thread rolling cutter & mills

See the cutting tool

Bevel gears are bevel gears

Gear cutting tools – chamfering knife combination tool milling cutter

Single and duplex milling cutter

end mill for stainless steel

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