SX combined chemotherapy

SX combined chemotherapy

In hard steel, nickel-base alloy and grey cast iron parts, it is difficult to reach the groove and surface

2017.2 HOLEMAKING Swiss news

When it comes to doing homework, choosing the right tools and machining strategies is critical. Therefore, we provide the most comprehensive selection in the industry, including drills, reamer and drilling tools. So whether your focus is on quantity, accuracy, or cost savings, we all have a perfect tool to meet your needs.

Our application experts can also help you determine the best tools for the most efficient and efficient way to produce the required hole size and quality.

Drilling Swiss news, 2017-2

Seco has a range of drilling products, including solid carbide bits, exchangeable tip drills and indexable insert drills. This broad portfolio provides solutions to all applications and artifacts in all industries, including automotive, energy, healthcare, etc.

By optimizing the coating, the tip geometry and the insertion design, the Seco bit produces high quality holes.

Diameter 0.1-160 mm (from IT7 to IT12 hole tolerance is 004-6.299.


In ISO P material, when you switch to a new type of solid carbide Seco feed, improve the production performance, raised 35% of the productivity and longer tool life, it’s all thanks to a new geometric structure and the advanced coating.

Enhanced chip evacuation ensures the safety of applications while also ensuring high productivity. Drill more holes in less time, use fewer drills, and practice with feedmax – p. The drill is characterized by a strong cutting edge with a cooling hole in the edge, cutting edge of the cutting edge, and a narrow edge of land that also helps reduce the impact of the heat on the drill bit.

The new Feedmax – p slot design protects the drill point Angle and provides special chip control and evacuation. For the application of steel and cast iron parts, the combination design features of feed Max – p drill are adopted.

end mill for stainless steel

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