Rotation holder SECO

Our series of products include stable built-in vibration damping, high precision clamping chuck, wide selection of hydraulic jigs and work piece side types of all common types. The modular support of Seco is connected by grafting, combustion furnace, seco-capto and BA/GL. These products provide machine end connections for hsk-a-e-t, DIN, BT, ANSI, PSC (seco-capto) and cylinder.

Rotation holder SECO news 2017.2

By providing a comprehensive set of solutions to connect them, the Seco series of rotary supports will allow you to get the most out of your machines and tools. This diversified portfolio includes a stable line tool with built-in vibration damping. The scope covers all standard work piece connections, and Seco’s unique connections. Most specifications including hsk-a-e-t, DIN, BT, ANSI, PSC (seco-capto) and cylindrical are included in the machine side connection.

Swiss news, 2011

We have the most comprehensive steering products in the industry, with more than 5,500 standard inserts and more than 3,000 tool holders to choose from.

All manufacturers of metal processing units rely on these products to improve productivity and profitability.

JETSTREAM tool SECO news 2017.2

The spray-line clamp will deliver coolant effectively to the best position near the cutting edge of the cutting edge. This improves the control of the chip, removing the chip from the rake surface, reducing the heat load, extending the tool life, and dramatically increasing the application of the cutting data. You can get a wide range of insert types, shapes, and sizes.

Section o CAPTO partially closes the adapter SECO NEWS 2017.2

Your machine has a Seco – capto lathe turrets and HSK -t multi-tasking machine spindle now can improve the cutting speed and prolong tool life and the expansion of Seco 150.10 jeti integrated high pressure coolant part of the family of the blade adapter.

At the top and bottom of the cutting tool’s edge, ensure fast and precise cooling, thanks to the advanced injection tool technology of the Seco new blade adaptor, and the stability of the high speed steel. The technology offers unusual thermal control, and fast and efficient chip evacuations – both of which help extend tool life.


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