Regular turning

Regular turning – ISO

The high mountain has a complete set of regular turning tools and blades, so we can provide an ideal solution for your specific application. Regardless of your material, clamping, part requirements and machine performance, our wide range of product options perfectly match your needs.

DURATOMIC technology – universal turning blade

Duratomic diamond is a unique blade coating technology, which provides excellent abrasion resistance and blade toughness combination for many mountain high material grades.

As a leader in nanotech, Duratomic CVD alumina coating processes are arranged on an atomic level to improve the mechanical properties, thermal stability and chemical inertness of many products.

By controlling the atomic structure of the coating, the mountain can ensure that the best part of the structure is used for cutting. In addition, this kind of control can also form a smooth surface, can produce a smaller friction during cutting and less heat, thus can realize the service life of cutting tools and speed of the unmatched ability.

Conventional turning blades

Anything is possible when it comes to our wide variety of conventional turning and cutting slots. We develop all these solutions to support different shape, size and thickness of the blade, and always adhering to the common goal – in your turning applications increase productivity and extend the service life of cutter. This comprehensive series covers all material groups and enables you to easily achieve your material cutting rate, tool life and surface roughness.

JETSTREAM TOOLING – general cutting tool rod

Jetstream Tooling shank with through internal cooling channel cooling fluid to efficiently transport to the best location near the cutting edge. This can reduce the cutting edge and reduce the heat load, which not only improves the cutting control, but also extends the tool life and significantly increases the cutting parameters. Applicable to various blade type, shape and size of handle for your choice.