Perfomax drill

Scope overview:

Perfomax drill:

Diameter 15-59 mm (metric). 594 “-2.375” (inch)

The length ratio is 2xD, 3xD, 4xD and 5xD

The middle diameter and length of the launch

All standard axis interfaces

Key benefits:

Effective chip control for long cutting materials

Fast and efficient chip evacuation

To improve the cutting parameters of oil production

Cutter life extension, cutting tool cost

Predictability and reliability of special processes

Better hole tolerance

Reaming of Swiss news, 2011

Get more holes in each tool, have new extendable precise controls and rename headers from Seco. Extend reamer life, so use fewer tools to help reduce your overall production cost

Rotate the screws to compensate for the wear of the tool.

Avoid replacing reamers with minimal wear and tear. Each Precimaster + reaming head allows you to adjust the size of the hole by as much as five times as well as 30. Quickly, easily and accurately extend the new head and their conical tapered screws to apply soft expansion force.

Scope overview:

Compatible with all existing precision technicians

Multi-groove brazing carbide or metal ceramic tip

Use 10 mm to 32.5 mm in diameter

To 30- m scalability

Applicable to all material types

Key benefits:

Longer tool life

Reduce cost per hole

No tool inventory is required

Precision hole tolerances and surface finishes

Thread Switzerland news 2017.2

Seco’s incredible diversity and comprehensive thread product array can help you optimize your application, whether you’re turning, milling, or tapping. No matter what kind of line you need, we provide a product that maximizes your productivity, reduces costs and meets customer requirements. In addition, our unique threading wizard software helps you select the right tools for your application, and then generates code that can be used directly on your machine.

335.14 – mini-disc – thread milling cutter

Precision threads are produced in the hole, depth of 106 mm, with Seco’s new single-board mill 335.14 interchanging thread head and matching holder shanks.

end mill for stainless steel

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