JHC880/885 – square shoulder – compound – 4 blade

Milling (JHC880), inverse milling (JHC885), smaller axial force, DURA CVD coating


Dc 4-20 mm, blade tip arc

Cylindrical, one length

JHPD800 PHCD – compound – 1-3 blades

Maximum cutting speed, internal cooling channel, excellent material cutting rate


Dc 4-16 mm, chamfer, ball head and compact design

Cylindrical, 2 lengths

Universal solid carbide end milling cutter

As the name implies, this series of high solid carbide tool covers the basic end milling cutter for basic processing operation. It includes generic strip and uncoated end milling cutter, a series of products for processing plastics and aluminum alloy, chamfering end mills and tapered cutting tools. These products adopt high quality material grade and coating, which can achieve the expected excellent tool life.

Jhs512/513/514 universal processing – square shoulder – general – 2-4 blades

Smooth cutting operation, NXT coating

ISO P, M, K, S

Dc 1-25 mm, chamfer

Cylindrical, side solid, 3 lengths

JHS506/509 general processing – 30 ° to 45 ° chamfer – general – 3-4 blade

Different pitch, SIG 60 and 90 degrees, SIRA coating

ISO P, M, K, S

Dc 3-12 mm, chamfer

Cylinder, side fixation, 1 length

The edges of the blade support rear Angle, different pitch, radial back Angle


Dc 2-20 mm, sharp

Cylinder, side fixation, 2 lengths

HGKM-HK common processing – conical – general – 2-4 blades

Taper wall finishing cutting tool, MEGA coating

ISO P, M, K, S, N, H, TS, TP, GR

Dc 1-10 mm, tapered

Cylinder, side fixation, 1 length

V31 universal processing – concave – general – 4 blades

MEGA coatings

ISO P, M, K, S, N, H, TS, TP, GR

Dc 4-9 mm, concave arc

Cylinder, side fixation, 1 length

JH28 universal machining – square shoulder – plastic – 1 blade

end mill for stainless steel