Open edge design, super sharp


Dc 2-12 mm, sharp

Cylindrical, one length

JH29 universal processing – engraving – general – 1 blade

Super sharp

ISO P, M, K, N, S, TS1, TP1, GR

Dc 0.2mm, sharp

Cylindrical, one length

JH93/JH99 universal machining – square shoulder – plastic – 2 blades

Super sharp


Dc 1-25 mm, sharp

Cylindrical, 3 lengths

Graphite processing solid carbide end milling cutter

The solid carbide end milling cutter with diamond coating is suitable for processing graphite. They provide 10 times longer life than the traditional coating of milling cutters. These tools provide a wide range of groove and wide diameter, and use the best substrate to ensure that the diamond coating is perfectly adhered to the entire cutting parameters. In general, these vertical milling knives require less time to change and can process precision parts with high feed, thus significantly increasing productivity and cutting tool costs.

JHD620/630/640 diamond – square shoulder – graphite – 2-4 blades

Neck design, shorter blade length, non-cutting tail-end groove


Dc 3-12 mm, blade tip arc

Cylindrical, 3 lengths

JHD660/665 diamond – ball head – graphite – 2-4 blade

Neck design, taper neck, diamond CVD coating


Dc 3-12 mm, ball head

Cylindrical, 5 lengths

JHD670 diamond – ball head – graphite – 3 blade

Taper neck, shorter blade length, diamond CVD coating


Dc 5-10 mm, ball head

Cylindrical, 2 lengths hss-co end milling cutter

High – speed cobalt alloy steel is a superior quality grade which has better performance than traditional high speed steel. Due to the higher hardness, these end mills can provide longer service life in today’s abrasion, heat and special materials.

Blade design, high quality wear-resistant coating and optimized performance, such as apply to these difficult processing materials in cold, directly to these end mill production of high quality and low cost advantage.

High performance hss-co end milling cutter

With 8% cobalt content, high performance HSS-Co vertical milling cutter is suitable for milling applications requiring relatively high toughness and extremely high anti-microcollapse performance.

end mill for stainless steel