High penetration rate guntest

High penetration rate guntest

Gun drill high through double crimp 2 – flute, 2 hole hole raised in selected in the applications of aluminum and iron tool performance, will be more directed to the cutting edge, coolant injection to provide more space for chips. This is done by making the tools deeper grooves and larger cooling holes.

The double roll barrel is the two kinds of flute that are produced by swaging process, instead of the traditional thick wall tube. Using thin-walled pipes and forgings, these two flutes have several advantages. First, the cooling holes in the gun body are formed by crimping, eliminating the milling operation. Secondly, the resulting cooling holes are irregular in shape, and their coolant volume is much larger than equivalent conventional gun holes. Moreover, the flute is much deeper than the traditional mill tool, because it does not need to be made to keep the wall from flute to the cooling hole. These deep flutes improve the efficiency of the drill.

The Sioux engineers pointed out that the muzzle produced by swaging method was the most favorable in the small diameter of the gun, and in most cases the flute was twice as deep as the rice line. Star SHU produces double crimped 2 flute, 2 hole perforation diameter from 3/16 “to / 9/16”. Grinding mill is recommended in cast iron and die casting aluminum and some special steel applications.

Pressure coolant drill & Reamers

A series of drilling products

The Star SHU pressure coolant USES a pressurized coolant to force the chip to produce ultra-smooth, ultra-precise holes in front of the tool. It can be effectively used in the production of high accuracy hole, with a tolerance of 0.0005, excluding steel, cast iron, malleable cast iron, nodular cast iron, aluminum, bronze, foreign body, etc.

In the ideal case, the star SHU reamers provides higher permeability and tighter dimensional tolerances in order to fit the size and expand the size of previous boreholes or boreholes. Their tool life is longer than the long knife of hard alloy, and does not have the tendency to follow predrilling or drilling surface. Therefore, they can precisely make holes.

end mill for stainless steel

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