Feedmax – p

With a new dark TiAlN coating, Feedmax – p allows you to fully tap your potential with your machine tools. Due to the geometry of the drill and its modern coating, it is possible to reduce the speed of up to 190 m/min in SHMG P5 without sacrificing the tool life.

Scope overview:

Diameter 2 mm to 20 mm (metric). 078 “. 787 “(inches)

The length ratio is 3xD,5xD and 7xD

Internal coolant supply standard

MHQL compliant shins

The intermediate size available at startup

Key benefits:

Improve drilling productivity by increasing cutting speed

Extend tool life and reduce parts cost

Efficient chip evacuation

High per – drill output

Predictability and reliability of the process

Good wear resistance (IT8) and good surface treatment

PERFOMAX Swiss news

Increase your drilling parameters and add the Seco new Perfomax indexable insert bit to optimize chip control and evacuation. The flutes on the fuselage of the new rig have recently developed a “anti-friction surface”. The special waveform of these surfaces minimizes the contact between the chip and the flute, thus improving the safety of the application. Seco can also stiffen the front of the flute to reach the high surface hardness of HGRC 60, thus extending the service life of the cutter.

The insertion grade of Perfomax DHS2050 and DHS4050 is especially suitable for heat-resistant materials such as titanium and titanium alloys. Due to the new development of the free cutting MHP and MHC chip breaker with the new level itself, the level increases productivity and extends tool life.

The new insertion level has the top layer of niobium nitride (NbN), which does not react with titanium. The prevention of this reaction – the most common wear factor for titanium – has significantly prolonged the life of the cutter. High temperature and wear resistance combined with DHS2050 and DHS4050 coatings also make insertion into the first choice of drilling HRSA and difficult stainless steel materials as well as titanium and titanium alloys.

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