Ehp5403m: for MHQL1 and MHQL2, no attachment delivery

EHPB 5403M1: MHQL1 accessories are installed for MHQL1

EHPB 5403M2: MHQL2, equipped with MHQL2 accessories

Key benefits:

Lower overall coolant cost

Increase operator safety and ecological friendliness

Reduce tool cost by extending tool life

High process predictability and reliability

Tap – micro-compensation synchronous tapping second news

Seco’s tapping chuck provides machining threads on the machine, and there is no synchronous spindle rotation with the X and Y axes.

“Chuck secco news, 2011

Seco offers a series of ER collets to support our collet chucks. ER collets are standard, sealed, sealed, through the coolant channel directly to the cutting edge.

ER HP has seam jacket for EHPB 5672 with extremely high precision, and the maximum swing of the implementation is 3 mm, the projection 3 xd. The jacket contains a unique plastic ring that distinguishes it visually from a less precise colleague.

The ISO 15488-b standard ER has a seam jacket for the EHPB 5675 and a dozen of the maximum oscillations.

In the EHPB 5867 synchronized light clip, there is a square drive type ER tapping. These can provide precise tap and forward torque transfer from the tool holder to the tap tool.

All the ER chuck Angle alpha = 16 degrees.

Seal ring SECO news 2017.2

The sealing ring of the sealing nut in the ER type clamping device is used as the standard, and the drilling stop screw is used as the coolant through the ordinary tool shanks. Seal other types of pecans, sealing rings and sealing nuts together. The enclosed range of the ring is -0.5mm. Coolant pressure Max 100 bar.

Insert the seal into the nut’s back until it “clicks” to the front of the nut. The seal face of the sealing ring should be in the nut to avoid the erosion of the diameter information mark. Apply pressure to the front of the sealing ring.

Mold system SECO news 2017.2

Seco allows you to connect your machines and tools with a full range of tools.


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